Tidal Channel is a synth-based, post-pop noise band from New York City,
which formed in 2013 as a side-project between Genevieve Fernworthy (LAUDS) and Billy Cancel.
The duo is heavily influenced by world folklore & situationist thought,
and they incorporate psychogeographical elements into nearly all of their individual & collaborative work.

The name of the group arises from the fact that Cancel (from Cornwall, UK) and Fernworthy (from Charleston, SC)
both grew up in places surrounded by estuaries & marshes-- a natural feature which they say shaped their understanding of,
and appreciation for, interlapping processes of destruction and creation.

Performances are underpinned by Fernworthy's loops and characterized by occasional danceable rhythms
often juxtaposed with the stylized force of Cancel's vocals; and their sound feels ever-at-home within the full spectrum of moments and textures...
complex & monophonic --- minimal & dense --- harsh noise and rich, robust harmonies, interrupted by decisive insertions of poetry and desperation.

Genevieve Fernworthy is an elemental practitioner, artist, writer, and multi-instrumentalist who performs solo under the moniker LAUDS.

She is the joint recipient of a VCU Arts research grant for the creation of new work in experimental theatre,

and was an early member of the feminist art collective ORGIAZZTECH!!!

Her solo musical output is expansive, and she incorporates elements of synthpop, soul, psych, and noise into her instrumental + vocal work.

She is presently scoring an ongoing series of suites called AVIARY, a metacollection of musical works composed for various bird species;

and Laius -- an Oedipal chamber opera as Eucharistic Mass.

Involved in frequent collaboration with David Lackner (Synthetic Love Dream) Adrian Knight (Blue Jazz TV), Dahm Cipolla (the Phantom Family Halo),

and Celie Dailey (Spewgeyser) she is also a longstanding member of the Martin Bisi band. 

She has self-released ten EPs and numerous singles, and is nearing completion on her debut studio album, ‘ALL WILL BE WELL’.

    Billy Cancel is a Brooklyn-based noise poet whose works have appeared in 6x6, Blazevox, Gobbet, Bombay Gin, Streetcake, and Lungful! Magazine, amongst others. A 2011 Pushcart Prize Nominee, he has consistently read at the New Year’s Day Poetry Marathon at St. Marks and the New York Poetry Festival at Governor’s Island. In 2014, he was invited to the University of Illinois for a 30-minute recitation of his poem, “Find Some Wasteland Floodlit” at the Annual Theoretical Archaeology Group conference.

    His role as ‘Dissolver Indignant (barfly)’ in Marianne Vitale’s hallucinatory string of vignettes “The Missing Book Of Spurs” received wide praise when it premiered at Performa13. In Autumn 2015, he performed at RECESS Gallery in the first installment of the Poet Transmit series—a live taping and transmission of manipulated video feed curated by the experimental mobile television studio, ESP-TV—and his contribution to ‘4 WORDS’ was broadcast across Lime Street Station, on Europe’s largest motion digital screen, as part of the 2016 Liverpool Provocations Art Festival.

His latest body of work, PSYCHO’CLOCK was released on Hidden House Press.

Sound poems, visual shorts, and other aberrations can be found at www.billycancelpoetry.com