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Premiere up now on New Noise Magazine for this brilliant video made by Scott Kiernan of ESP-TV for our contributing track to BC35,'Soft Glitter Cosmos Needs A Pig War'.

u p / c o m i n g


Tues / 3 March
Dixon Place | NYC
6p | $10

IT'S ARRIVEDBC35 : 35 years of BC Studio
many thanks to Bronson Recordings for putting out this epic testament to the relevance and longevity of BC Studio
Produced by Martin Bisi + Genevieve Fernworthy, the BC35 is a MUST HAVE for anyone with a penchant for the weird, the irreverent, and the loud.


pick up one of the last remaining copies of Volume One before they depart forever from this earthly plane!

VERY PLEASED to have collaborated on this, and to share a bonus 7" split
with an ensemble featuring Cinema Cinema, Mikel Dos Santos, and David Lackner