! ! !       OOOOOOOOOOO look
 ! ! !     video premiere for 'Spiritual' +
! ! ! !    show preview from Tiny Mix Tapes

brilliant visuals by filmmaker + musician Alice Cohen
and MANY thx to Dahm Majuri Cipolla for contributing drums
and to Martin Bisi for capturing them at BC Studio

new video for 'Charged By A Black Knight'

grab a physical copy of the EP,   
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u p
  /   c o m i n g


Sun / 25 June

The Century House Historical Society  |  Rosendale, NY


Billy Cancel + Genevieve Fernworthy

1p  |  info here


Sat / 13 May

Animal Church  |   Bushwick, Brooklyn

TIDAL CHANNEL houseshow for Master Concetta!

w/ Skip LaPlante, Baxton's Imaginary Orchestra, and more!

8p  |   info here

Tues / 7 March

Silent Barn  |   Bushwick, BK

TIDAL CHANNEL w/ Alice Cohen, Katie Rush,

the Widow of Culloden

7p  |  info here


Sat / 8 October

Islington Mills  |  Manchester, UK

TIDAL CHANNEL w/ Martin Bisi + Band

early show + screening of "Sound & Chaos: the story of BC Studio"